Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor Discounts and Deals

LAST UPDATE: 1/14/15

Six Flags Magic Mountain (open daily in spring and summer, weekends and holiday periods only in winter) and its associated water park, Hurricane Harbor (open seasonally) both offer frequent and varied promotions that can save you money. Check below for the latest Six Flags Magic Mountain discounts, coupons, and offers.

Be aware that all of the coasters at Magic Mountain have MANDATORY locker storage before entering the line to get on the ride. This costs $1 at each ride, which can really add up. You are not allowed to carry anything on the coasters, including cell phones, sunglasses, fanny packs, backpacks, camera bags, etc. Tip: consider wearing cargo pants with pockets that close securely with buttons or Velcro. This can save you a bunch of money. Do not put your stuff in regular pockets, particularly on Tatsu, or you may lose things!

All offers are subject to change without notice. Always call ahead and confirm before driving out of your way to take advantage of a particular offer!

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Six Flags Magic Mountain – Regular Gate Prices

Regular one-day admission is $69.99 for adults. For children 48 inches and under, one-day admission is $44.99. Children 2 years of age and younger are FREE.

Parking is $20.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Discount Tickets

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Discount Tickets from aRes

aRes Travel offers significant discounts on Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets. For same day tickets or if you are purchasing 3 or more tickets, you will save several dollars more than if you purchase from the Magic Mountain site.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Website Discounts

Visit the Six Flags Magic Mountain site to see current online deals.

Visit California Coupon

Click here and scroll down for a downloadable coupon for $20 off adult admission. Present at the ticket booth for the discount. Good for up to 4 admissions. Expires 12/31/14. (As of 1/14/15, 2015 California Coupons are not yet available.)

AAA Discounts

AAA is a loosely associated group of clubs that each cover a small geographical area, usually a single state or portion of a state. Different clubs have different offers, so it’s worth checking both your own AAA state club and the Southern California AAA club websites. To check your own state club, just go to and you will be redirected (usually) to your local club. If you haven’t yet set up your online access, you’ll sometimes need to do that to see your local club’s discounts. To check the Southern California site, click here and enter zip code 91608. Once you get to the club home page, click the “Discounts” tab and select “Tickets.”

If a particular discount on the Southern California site involves booking online through the club site, you will usually need to be a Southern California member. Discounts that involve showing your card at the gate are available to any AAA member. If you can get to a Southern California AAA club office, you can usually take advantage of offers that must be bought in person, even if you’re a member of a different AAA club.

Generally AAA members can get a $5 admission discount to Six Flags Magic Mountain at the gate, and sometimes discounts on other things such as food or merchandise (usually 10%).

Season Passes

Often you can buy season passes for the same price as a regular one-day admission, or similar. Check the Six Flags Magic Mountain site for current season pass offers.

Group Tickets

You can save a substantial amount when you buy 15 or more tickets at a time on the Six Flags Magic Mountain site. Plus, if you purchase at least 15 tickets, you’ll get one free “chaperone” ticket. (Despite the “chaperone” terminology, any group can buy these tickets.) You have to specify a date when you purchase the tickets, but they are good from that date through the expiration date, and they do not all have to be used on the same date. Be sure to check the expiration date before buying. There is a “print at home” fee as well as a processing fee per order for the group tickets.

Multi-Park Tickets & Passes

If you also plan to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, and LEGOLAND California, you can save up to 26% off gate prices with the LA Theme Park Pass.

If you also plan to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s and/or Legoland, plus multiple other attractions in Southern California, check out the GO Los Angeles Card.

Hurricane Harbor – Regular Gate Prices

(Open Seasonally)

Regular one-day admission is $40.99 for adults. For children 48 inches and under, one-day admission is $32.99. Children 2 years of age and younger are FREE.

Hurricane Harbor Discount Tickets

Discount Tickets from aRes

aRes Travel offers discounts on Hurricane Harbor tickets.

Visit the Hurricane Harbor website to see current online deals.

AAA members can usually get admission discounts. See the section above for AAA discounts for Six Flags Magic Mountain.