Disney Dining Plan Tips and Tricks

Disney’s Dining Plans at Walt Disney World, including the Magic Your Way Package with Quick Service Dining, Magic Your Way Package with Dining and Magic Your Way Package with Deluxe Dining, are very popular, but have not been a bargain for some time. You can save money by using them — IF you plan and use the options carefully.

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Helpful Tips for Making the Most of the Disney Dining Plans

Thanks to Heather G and Small World Vacations for suggestions.

Getting the Most Value for Your Table Service Meal Credits

Children’s Meal Selections

Kids’ selections at some restaurants can be limited. Some table service locations in the theme parks are now using a standardized kids’ menu that some feel is not very good. Two things to keep in mind:

Getting the Most Value for Your Quick Service Meal Credits

Disney’s resort food courts tend to have the greatest selection of high-end quick service food selections. If you want a change from the typical burgers and chicken strips, consider these locations:

Kids’ quick service selections can be very limited. At some locations, the only side orders listed for kids are carrot sticks, grapes and applesauce and all the drinks are “healthy” (milk, juice, water), but you can usually substitute french fries and soda if you wish. If your kids don’t like the kids’ meals, here are a couple of ways around that:

If you are on the regular Disney Dining Plan, you may want to consider sharing quick service meals. For instance, a family of four might try ordering two adult quick service meals and sharing the food, possibly supplementing the meal by paying out of pocket for a few a la carte items (like extra side orders or drinks). If this works for you, you may be able to stretch your quick service meals to cover two meals a day. Some of the best locations for this strategy:

What Can You Get With Snack Credits?

Disney generally defines a “snack” on the Disney Dining Plan as a single serving item under $4 (pre-tax) that is edible, non-alcoholic, non-merchandise and non-souvenir. Some items that you might think would be included under this definition are excluded, but not many.

Snacks can be redeemed at quick service, theme park shop, resort shop or snack cart locations. Qualifying locations display a “dining plan” logo on their menus indicating items for which you can use your snack credits.

Among the items usually available with Disney Dining Plan snack credits:

Also, during the Food & Wine Festival, snack credits can be redeemed for most “tasting portions” offered in the booths around World Showcase.

Want more details on snacks? The author and founder of The Disney Food Blog, AJ Wolfe, has written specialized e-Books about the snacks at Epcot and Magic Kingdom, which are ideal for helping you get the most from your snack credits.

Thanks to Sue Pisaturo of Small World Vacations for updated information.