Cinderella Castle Suite Photos founder Mary Waring was fortunate enough to make a short visit to the Cinderella Castle Suite in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. This exclusive suite is available only to winners of Disney promotions. Here is her report on the experience:

So what’s it like? Well, you enter through a secret doorway in the Castle, where you find yourself in a tiny but beautifully decorated anteroom that contains only a desk, a grandfather clock and an elevator. Soon you are whisked up in that private elevator, where you step out into a small round foyer. The floor of the foyer features a mosaic of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage. On one wall is a glass case containing Cinderella’s crown and scepter.

After taking a moment to enjoy the elegant foyer, you’ll enter the actual suite. A cozy bedchamber features beautiful hangings. Over a decorative fireplace hangs what appears to be a photograph of Cinderella — but it’s also a flat screen television.

Next door is a sitting room with a “magic mirror” that conceals yet another flat screen television. The suite also has an elaborate bathroom featuring lovely mosaic tilework, a deep spa tub and separate shower. Even the “throne” is… well, thronelike!

Guests lucky enough to win a stay in the suite have a fantastic view of the fireworks through the beautiful stained glass windows in the sitting room. They are waited upon hand and foot by a special concierge. All in all, being a “Castle Suite Family” would be a very special experience!

Cinderella Castle Royal Bedchamber

Cinderella Castle Suite Fireplace

The Royal Bedchamber

© 2007 The Walt Disney Company

Fireplace in Cinderella Castle Suite – bath to left, sitting room to right.

© 2007 The Walt Disney Company

Cinderella Castle Suite sitting room

Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney World

Cinderella Castle Suite sitting room

© 2007 The Walt Disney Company

Another view of Castle Suite sitting room.

Cinderella's Crown and Scepter

Mosaic floor in foyer of Castle Suite

Display of Cinderella’s crown and scepter in foyer of Castle Suite.

Pumpkin coach mosaic floor design in foyer of Cinderella Castle Suite.

Cinderella Castle Suite bathroom

Castle Suite tub with mosaic windows

Castle Suite bathroom

Castle Suite tub with mosaic “windows”