Disney World Wheelchair and ECV Rental Discounts & Coupons

Disney World has its own wheelchair and ECV (or “scooter”) rental program, but it is not usually the best option available. You can get a rental from an outside vendor that you can use all the time, not just while you’re in the parks. And discounts are available that make renting from a third-party vendor come out cheaper. Read on for our complete guide to renting an ECV or Wheelchair at Walt Disney World!

We update prices whenever we become aware of changes, but prices on this page are always subject to change.

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Walt Disney World In-Park Wheelchair/ECV Rentals

Regular (unpowered) wheelchairs can be rented at each theme park for $12 per day. Disney offers a discount for multi-day wheelchair rentals (which works out to $10/day). You can’t take the wheelchair out of the park — so if you spend the first half of your day at the Magic Kingdom and then want to go over to Epcot, you’ll have to turn in the wheelchair at the first park and get a new one at the second park when you arrive. You only pay the rental fee once per day — if you show your receipt at the second park, you will not have to pay a second time. It’s often cheaper and more convenient to bring your own collapsible wheelchair along.

If you need to use an “electric convenience vehicle” (ECV) — also known to some as a “scooter” — to get around Walt Disney World, be aware that the rental is quite expensive ($50 per day plus $20 deposit) and you can’t take the vehicle out of the park — so if you spend the first half of your day at the Magic Kingdom and then want to go over to Epcot, you’ll have to turn in the ECV at the first park and try to get a new ECV at the second park when you arrive. You only pay the rental fee once per day — if you show your receipt at the second park, you will not have to pay a second time. That assumes there is an ECV available at the second park when you arrive, however — they can be in short supply.

In general it’s a better deal to rent an ECV from an outside firm. Not only is it less expensive, it also guarantees that you’ll have the ECV available all the time, and you won’t have to keep switching vehicles as you move from park to park. For more info for those with disabilities who are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, we list several resources in our Walt Disney World FAQ.

ECV or Wheelchair Rental Discounts From Buena Vista Scooter Rentals

A few years ago, after many requests from our readers, we decided to take a close look at Orlando ECV rental companies to see if there was one we could recommend with confidence. We’ve done extensive research, including talking to people who have rented from various vendors, as well as getting feedback from the bell staff at the resorts who accept the deliveries and get the ECVs to people’s rooms.

As a result of that research, we are happy to recommend Buena Vista Scooter Rentals. They have more than a decade of experience renting scooters and other medical equipment at Walt Disney World and the surrounding area. In contrast to renting an ECV from Disney, you have a scooter to use outside of the parks, and you can park hop and not worry that the next park may be out of ECVs.

Wondering about how they clean their rental equipment? Take a look at this short video explaining their process for cleaning and sanitizing ECV’s.

IMPORTANT NOTE for those staying at a Disney-owned resort hotel: Disney changed the Featured ECV Provider program as of October 2019, and does not allow companies to drop off ECVs at Disney-owned resorts when the guest is not physically present (except for one provider; see below). All reservations made before the end of September 30, 2019 will be honored under the existing terms (i.e. can be dropped off with bell services), no matter when you arrive, even if it’s far in the future. Any newer reservations use a new system where you pick a specific pickup and dropoff time, and must meet the delivery van at the entrance of the resort at the agreed-upon time. If circumstances beyond your control keep you from meeting at the scheduled time, just call Buena Vista and explain your situation; they’ll work with you to get you your ECV.

If you’re staying at any other resort, including any of the MouseSavers Preferred Hotels, the Swan & Dolphin, the Disney Springs Area resorts, the Bonnet Creek Resorts or the Four Seasons, Buena Vista can still drop off your ECV with bell services when you’re not there. Check with Buena Vista Scooter Rentals or the hotel for specific procedures.

We think that the benefits of having a scooter you can take everywhere is well worth paying extra, but you don’t actually pay any extra! Buena Vista’s Scooter Rental rates for ECVs are lower than Disney’s! It’s a win-win scenario!

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals also operates the surrey bike rental operations at the Boardwalk, as well as running the bike shop for all of Walt Disney World. This means they have staff on Walt Disney World property all day long, ready to deal with any problems that might crop up. You’re unlikely to have an issue with your scooter, but if something goes awry and their phone support can’t fix it, they can send someone into the park quickly to fix the issue or bring a replacement. Their overall customer service gets high marks from all the customers we surveyed, and the staff at Disney hotels all told us that Buena Vista Scooters is highly reliable and a pleasure to work with.

We think their pricing is quite reasonable and we like the specific models of scooters they use. They offer ECVs from Pride Mobility, which are among the most reliable, comfortable and easy-to-drive ECVs available. They are easy to maneuver on and off the Disney buses, and the staff at the hotels around Walt Disney World are familiar with them and know how to move them, park them, etc.

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals guarantees that MouseSavers readers always get the lowest prices available to the public when they use our exclusive link! 

ECV or Wheelchair Delivery to Disney Resort Hotels

The below information only applies to the resort hotels Disney owns. The MouseSavers Preferred Hotels, the Swan & Dolphin, the Disney Springs Area hotels on Hotel Plaza Boulevard and the Bonnet Creek hotels are not Disney-owned and continue to allow deliveries from Buena Vista Scooters.

Vendors are still allowed to drop off ECVs and wheelchairs at Disney-owned resorts if the guest is physically present to accept the delivery. If you are willing to schedule a time to meet the delivery truck, we recommend Buena Vista Scooters as the first choice. They are a good company with excellent service, and if you reserve through our link, they guarantee you’ll receive the lowest available rates they offer.

As of November 2019, Disney allows only one ECV vendor to drop off ECVs and wheelchairs with bell services at Disney’s own resorts when the guest is not present: ScooterBug Orlando. ScooterBug Orlando is a franchisee of a large national ECV rental company. They have run the in-park ECV and stroller program for several years, so they do have experience with ECVs, but do not have as much experience as Buena Vista does with delivering them to resorts. We don’t have enough feedback yet on ScooterBug to recommend them, but if you need a company to drop off your ECV or wheelchair with bell services at a Disney-owned resort hotel when you’re not there, they’re the only option.