Disneyland Discounts and Deals

There are many ways to save money on your vacation at the Disneyland Resort in California. Disneyland discounts are available at the resort hotels, and there are also bargains on tickets, meals, airfare, rental cars and more! Use the links below or in the left panel to check out the many hints, tips and tricks that will help you become a true “MouseSaver”!

What used to be just plain Disneyland is now the Disneyland Resort. That’s because, in addition to Disneyland — Disney’s first theme park — there is Disney California Adventure (DCA) theme park (formerly called Disney’s California Adventure), which opened in early 2001. It requires separate admission unless you have a Hopper pass.

Disneyland Resort also includes Downtown Disney, a shopping and dining complex adjacent to the parks. Admission to Downtown Disney is free.

Disneyland Discounts on Resort Hotels

The easiest and most obvious way to get a Disneyland Resort hotel discount is simply to book in the off-season. Disney normally offers three “seasons” at the Disneyland Resort hotels each year. Value Season (roughly January, February, last three weeks of October, first three weeks of November, and first three weeks of December) is the least expensive (and least crowded) time. Regular Season (roughly the months of March, early and late April, all of May and June, and last week of August through first week of October) is mid-priced and moderately crowded. The most expensive and crowded time of year is Peak Season (roughly mid-April, July, first three weeks of August, and dates around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year).

However, beyond seasonal Disneyland hotel discounts, you may be able to save much more. Depending on availability and current promotions, it is quite possible to save as much as 45% off the full price “rack rates” at the Disneyland Resort hotels. The savings can add up to hundreds of dollars.

Click the link above to see all of the Disneyland Resort discounts that can help you save big money on Disneyland Resort hotels.

Disneyland Vacation Packages

Vacation packages for Disneyland are sometimes a good value. Watch for off-season and other special Disneyland package discounts, rather than the standard packages offered year-round, which tend to cost the same as buying all the package components separately at (gulp) FULL PRICE! We list the latest and best Disneyland discounts on vacation packages here.

Other Anaheim Hotels Near Disneyland

In the late 1950s and early 1960s hundreds of non-Disney-owned motels and hotels sprung up around the new Disneyland theme park in Anaheim and nearby cities. The quality of these accommodations was very inconsistent, which Walt Disney found frustrating. That’s one of the reasons why he bought up so much land around the planned parks at Walt Disney World: that way Disney would own or control all of the immediate area around the parks, including hotels.

However, some of the non-Disney hotels around Disneyland are just as nice — and as close to the parks — as Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel (which started its life as a non-Disney property anyway) and the Disneyland Hotel. There are many very attractive off-site hotel choices available, most of which provide reliable, inexpensive shuttle service to the parks. We provide lots of strategies for getting an Anaheim hotel discount here.

Disneyland Tickets & Passes – How to Find Discounts

Promotional and seasonal ticket discounts on Disneyland tickets and Disney California Adventure tickets are fairly common, especially for Southern California residents, but anyone can save on Disneyland passes.

In addition, many discounts are offered on multi-day Hopper passes. There are over a dozen categories of Disneyland ticket discounts — be sure to check this section carefully!

Savings on Meals, Snacks & Drinks at Disneyland

There are quite a few Disneyland restaurant discounts available at the parks and hotels, if you know where to look! You can save through memberships and various discount programs, or take an easy walk to Downtown Disney, where even more deals await.

Disneyland Special Events, Activities & Tours

Check out the various special Disneyland festivals, parties and events, plus learn how to get discounts on Disneyland tours, spa treatments and more!

Other Disneyland Savings

Learn how to save on all kinds of miscellaneous Disneyland vacation items, including souvenir deals, stroller discounts and more. We even list some FREE souvenirs!

Time is Money At Disneyland

We all know that a trip to Disneyland can be expensive, so maximizing your enjoyment of your vacation time is the smart thing to do! Who wants to spend the whole time standing in line or staking out that perfect spot for the parade? This section helps you plan a Disneyland vacation more effectively, so that you truly enjoy your time there!

Disneyland FAQ

Get helpful answers to questions about the Disneyland Resort, including the best times of year to go to Disneyland, when Disneyland hotel discounts are usually available, and more.