Regular Disneyland Admission Prices

Disneyland Admission prices last went up February 11, 2020.

Listed below are the full Disneyland admission prices you will pay at the theme park ticket booths. Theme park tickets are not subject to tax in California. 

Special note: Disneyland (California) theme parks are open to California residents only (until further notice). There are capacity limits, new health & safety procedures and a theme park reservation is required for the first park you visit. Park hopping is available from 1:00 pm until park closing; read more about how Park Hopper currently works. Party size is limited to a maximum of 3 households; all members must be California residents. 

As of January 2021, Disneyland has cancelled their annual pass program; more information is below. 

Substantial advance-purchase discounts are available on multi-day tickets. Make sure to consult our comprehensive guide to Disneyland ticket discounts.

With a 1-Park Per Day Ticket, you cannot visit both parks on the same day. If you buy a 2-Day or longer 1-Park Per Day Ticket, you can visit one park one day, and the other park another day. With a Park Hopper Ticket, you can visit both parks on each day.

Disneyland Ticket Price Tiers for 1-day Tickets

Disneyland has price tiers for 1-day tickets, where tickets cost more on busier days. There are 5 tiers, with the cheapest tickets available for midweek dates in the very off season, and the most expensive for summer weekends and holidays.

You can use a higher-tier ticket on a lower-tier day but you can’t get a refund of the difference in cost if you use, say, a Tier 1 ticket on a Tier 2 date. You can upgrade a lower-tier ticket if you decide to go on a higher-tier day, by paying the price difference at any ticket booth or Guest Services location.

Multi-day (2-day and longer) tickets do not have tiers, and you can use them on any day of the year.

Basic Disneyland Admission Prices

There is no tax on theme park tickets in California, so the prices below are the total price charged at the gate or via advance purchase on

One Park Per Day (no park hopping allowed):

Ticket TypeAges 10+Ages 3-9
1-Day, 1 Park Ticket (Tier 1)$104$98
1-Day, 1 Park Ticket (Tier 2)$114$108
1-Day, 1 Park Ticket (Tier 3)$124$117
1-Day, 1 Park Ticket (Tier 4)$139$132
1-Day, 1 Park Ticket (Tier 5)$154$146
2-Day, 1 Park Per Day Ticket$235$220
3-Day, 1 Park Per Day Ticket$310$290
4-Day, 1 Park Per Day Ticket$340$320
5-Day, 1 Park Per Day Ticket$360$340

Park Hopper (visit both parks each day):

Ticket TypeAges 10+Ages 3-9
1-Day Park Hopper Ticket (Tier 1)$159$153
1-Day Park Hopper Ticket (Tier 2)$169$163
1-Day Park Hopper Ticket (Tier 3)$179$172
1-Day Park Hopper Ticket (Tier 4)$194$187
1-Day Park Hopper Ticket (Tier 5)$209$201
2-Day Park Hopper Ticket$290$275
3-Day Park Hopper Ticket$365$345
4-Day Park Hopper Ticket$395$375
5-Day Park Hopper Ticket$415$395

Disneyland Annual Pass Information

As of January 2021, Disneyland has ended their Annual Passport program. (Disneyland calls their annual passes “annual passports.”) Disney has contacted current Annual Passport holders about their options. 

Annual Passholders who held active passes as of March 14, 2020 will continue to receive applicable discounts, based on their Passport type, on merchandise and food & beverages at select Downtown Disney District and Buena Vista Street locations, until new membership offerings are announced. 

If there are Disneyland membership offers in the future, we will post that information here or on our Disneyland Ticket Discounts page.