Other Disneyland Discounts and Deals

LAST UPDATE: 2/14/24

Here you’ll find out how to get other Disneyland discounts on all the “extras” that can really add up when you vacation at Disneyland — items like souvenirs, parking, stroller rental, Internet access and lots more! Discounts are available for a lot of the “small” things at Disneyland, but sometimes it can be hard to find those deals. Search no more!

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FREE Maps of the Disneyland Area

Get FREE downloadable maps of the Disneyland area and Orange County. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Provided courtesy of the Anaheim/Orange County Convention & Visitor Bureau.

Souvenir Discounts & Coupons

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Buy in Advance

If you have kids, you know that they will probably be seized with a case of the “I wants” when they get to Disneyland, because there is all kinds of neat merchandise cleverly placed at the conclusion of every ride. One solution is to take advantage of sales and outlet specials at DisneyStore.com before your trip and put your purchases away. Then pack the goodies in your suitcase and dole them out to the kids when you get there. See the current DisneyStore.com discount codes.

Give Your Kids a Budget

One way to do this is to give them Disney Gift Cards for birthdays, Christmas, etc. before your trip. Encourage grandparents to do this, too. You can’t spend Disney Gift Cards anywhere but Disney, and kids will have a lot of fun picking out souvenirs from their own “money.”

Printable Coupons

Birnbaum Disneyland Resort Guidebook Coupons

Birnbaum’s Disneyland Resort 2024 includes these coupons that you can use toward souvenirs in Downtown Disney:

Birnbaum’s Disneyland Resort 2024 includes this coupon that you can use toward souvenirs in Disneyland Park:

Lego Store Promos

Check the Downtown Disney Lego Store Promotions, Offers & Events section for a list of events and special offers. 

Disney Outlet Stores Close to Disneyland

There is a Disney Outlet about 30 minutes away in Citadel Outlets in Commerce, CA. About an hour drive from Disneyland there is a Disney Outlet in Ontario Mills, in Ontario, CA. 

Disney Visa Card Discounts

Disney’ Visa cardholders can save 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disneyland Resort. Offer is valid at select Disneyland Resort stores and pin cart locations for most merchandise. A $50 pre-tax minimum purchase is required.

Present and use one of Disney Visa cards at time of purchase. Not valid in combination with other offers, discounts, promotions or with any previous purchase.

Also, see below for information about a FREE souvenir available to Disney Visa cardholders.

Annual Passholder Discounts

Holders of the Dream Key and Inspire Key annual pass get 20% off most merchandise at select stores in Disneyland and California Adventure, and Disney-owned stores in Downtown Disney. All other annual passholders get 10% off. Certain merchandise is exempt, most notably limited-edition and one-of-a-kind collectibles and art; be sure to ask before purchasing if you’re not sure a particular item is eligible for discounts.

D23 Member Discounts

Select Downtown Disney locations offer D23 members merchandise discounts when you present your D23 membership card. See the current list of D23 merchandise discounts.

Inexpensive/FREE Souvenirs

Disney’s PhotoPass

Disney’s PhotoPass is Disney’s name for their in-park photography service. Using professional digital equipment, photographers take photos of guests throughout the theme parks. Just walk up to any Disney PhotoPass photographer and ask to get a picture. Taking the picture is FREE; they only charge for prints or downloads of the pictures you like. So if you see a photographer and he or she isn’t busy, go ahead and pose. You’re only out a minute or so and you can decide later if you like the photo enough to want to download it or buy a print. Be aware that your PhotoPass photos expire after 45 days, so don’t wait too long! They can be extended by 15 extra days (to 60 total) by paying a fee, but that’s it.

When you take the photo, if you already have a PhotoPass card, they can scan that to link it to your account. If not, they’ll give you a free PhotoPass card and scan it. You can continue to use that same card in the future with other photographers. Guests can use one PhotoPass for their entire vacation (or multiple vacations) or get a new PhotoPass each time they take a photo (however, keep in mind that in the end you’ll be typing in all the numbers from the PhotoPass cards, so don’t get a new card just to get one). You can also use the Disneyland app on an iPhone or Android phone; it will generate a PhotoPass QR code that photographers can scan, which will then automatically link to your Disneyland.com account.

After your trip (or during, if you like), go to your Disneyland.com account (or create one), and link all your PhotoPass cards to your account. You can also add attraction photos by typing in the ID number under the photo on the screens you can see when you walk out of attractions. You’ll be able to review all your photos, add captions and borders, and share the low-res versions of your pictures with others on Facebook, FREE. For a fee, you can download high-resolution photos, and order prints or specialty photo items like mugs. The cost of ordering prints and downloads starts at around $15 each. 

You can also purchase Genie+, which bundles together one day of unlimited PhotoPass pictures with the ability to make Lightning Lane reservations using your phone. Genie+ currently costs $30 per person, per day when purchased in advance, and a variable amount if purchased on the same day as your visit. There’s also PhotoPass+, which gives one full week of PhotoPass downloads (7 consecutive days) for around $80, which can be purchased after you’ve come home, reviewed all the photos and decided whether you like them enough to want to download them all.

MouseSavers.com readers report that the quality of PhotoPass shots is highly variable, since some of the photographers are better than others. Occasionally there is a glitch and photos are lost by the system (or the photography equipment fails). So if it is really important to get an excellent shot of a particular event or experience, be sure to take your own photos, too! Also, reader David F points out that “every photographer (and just about any other Cast Member) was more than willing to use our camera to take a picture after they did the PhotoPass shot.  They do not seem to be restricted to only doing the PhotoPass pictures.”

Hint: when you are given PhotoPass cards, you should immediately use your cell phone camera or digital camera to take a photo of the code on the cards, just in case you lose them. (Or if you don’t have a camera, use your mobile phone to text the code to yourself.) If you lose a PhotoPass card, Disney will do its best to locate your photos based on the last time and location where you had activity in the system, but sometimes it can’t be done. Don’t take a chance on losing your vacation memories when a simple photo could have prevented it! Thanks to Margit M, who learned the hard way, for this important suggestion.

Although Disney’s PhotoPass replaces the old photo system at Disneyland Resort, guests are still able to view and buy their vacation photos at Disney Photo Centers on property.

PhotoPass CD

The PhotoPass CD is no longer being sold, but people who pre-purchased one while they were being offered will still get it under the original terms.


PhotoPass+ One Week at Disneyland is an option to download all the photos in the parks from within a 7-day consecutive period of your choosing. It costs $78, and you can purchase it in advance, during or after your trip (see above for details about when your photos expire).

PhotoPass Collection

The Disney PhotoPass Collection includes digital downloads of all the available PhotoPass photos linked to your account, a voucher for a Dining Print package and a Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc. The Dining Print Package includes one 6 x 8 print and four 4 x 6 prints. The Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc has over 350 high-resolution professional photos of Disneyland. The PhotoPass Collection is $106.67, tax included and can be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center, any dining location with PhotoPass Photographers and at all attractions that take PhotoPass photos during the ride.

The Disney PhotoPass Collection + Disc includes a DVD disc with all of the available PhotoPass photos linked to your account, a voucher for a Dining Print package and a Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc. The Dining Print Package includes one 6 x 8 print and four 4 x 6 prints. The Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc has over 350 high-resolution professional photos of Disneyland. The PhotoPass Collection + Disc is $128.22, tax included and can be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center, any dining location with PhotoPass Photographers and at all attractions that take PhotoPass photos during the ride.


Parking at Disneyland Resort is $35 per day for cars or motorcycles, $40 per day for RVs, campers and cars/trucks with short trailers and $45 per day for buses and cars/trucks with extended trailers.

You can upgrade to Preferred Parking, which is closer to the elevators and escalators, for $55 for a regular car (if you already have a voucher or get FREE parking with your pass, you can upgrade for $20). There are no preferred spaces for larger vehicles. Given the many miles you will walk during a day at Disneyland, this upgrade, which shaves off a maximum of 500 yards of walking, is not a good value.

Holders of Dream Key and Inspire Key annual passes get FREE parking. Believe Key passholders get 50% off parking at any of the Disneyland lots. Enchant Key and Imagine Key passholders get 25% off parking at the Toy Story parking lot. 

Several AAA offices in the western US offer a FREE parking voucher if you buy a vacation package or tickets through them. Typically the tickets are full price, so you’ll usually save more taking advantage of a discount ticket seller and paying for parking separately, but it depends on how many people in your party and which tickets you’re buying.

Parking at Downtown Disney is $10 for the first hour. After that, each additional hour costs $14, charged in 30-minute increments, with a minimum $7 charge after the initial 15-minute grace period ($66 maximum per day). After your first hour of paid parking at Downtown Disney, you get an additional 3 hours of FREE parking in the Downtown Disney self-parking lot when you make a $20 minimum purchase and receive validation from any Downtown Disney location (including quick-service restaurants, merchandise locations and kiosks). You get up to an additional 5 hours of FREE parking in the Downtown Disney self-parking lot with validation from any Downtown Disney table-service restaurant

You get 3 hours of FREE parking – valet or self-parking – at the Grand Californian when eating at Storytellers Cafe, or 5 hours of FREE parking – valet or self-parking – when eating at Napa Rose or if you spend at least $125 at the Tenaya Stone Spa. You get 3 hours FREE parking – valet or self-parking – at the Disneyland Hotel when eating at Goofy’s Kitchen. Normal parking rates are $40 for the first hour of self-parking, $70 for the first hour of valet parking and $10 for each additional hour of either, so remember to get your parking validated!

Internet Access

The Disneyland Resort hotels offer both wired and wireless high-speed Internet access, free to guests.

In the public areas of any of the park hotels, or while in the parks, you can access the Wi-Fi at no charge.

Internet access is also available for guests who do not have laptops at each hotel’s Business Center, where you’ll find desktop computers for your use.

Getting Cash

Need cash at Disneyland? If you have your checkbook with you, Chase bank’s location on Main Street is on the right as you go in, and you can cash a check up to $300.00 a day with proper ID. Also, most major hotels will cash a personal check if you can show a valid credit card. Thanks to Jayne G and Arnold T for info.

Otherwise, if you possibly can, try to get cash BEFORE you arrive at the Disneyland Resort. The ATMs in the parks are operated by Chase bank and they charge a significant “cash transaction fee” (somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 per transaction) unless you are a Chase customer. Thanks to Danny P for info.

Keep in mind that if you’re not a Chase customer, your own bank may also charge you a second fee on that ATM withdrawal!

You won’t be charged the “cash transaction fee” if you take cash out of a Disneyland ATM using a Disney Visa card, which is issued by Chase. However, using your Disney Visa card isn’t a good way to get around the fees, because you’ll pay a big “cash advance fee” instead. According to the fine print on my Disney Visa Cardholder Agreement, the ATM Cash Advance Fee is 3% of the cash advance, with a $5 minimum! Yikes.

Another reader points out that you can use an ATM card at a nearby store to get cash back with a purchase. Buy a small item (gum, for instance) and when you pay at the register, do so with your ATM card. You can usually get up to $50 cash back with little or no fee. There is a 7-Eleven convenience store at the corner of Katella and Harbor Blvd, in the same block as Disneyland, where you can do this. Thanks to Arnold T for the suggestion.

If you don’t have any choice, ATMs are available throughout the Disneyland Resort, generally next to the restrooms and telephones.

Special Occasions

Don’t be shy about mentioning special occasions — honeymoon, birthday, anniversary — to the reservations agent, front desk, waiters and other Cast Members. There is no guarantee that you’ll get a special treat, but it does happen.

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Celebration Buttons

If you’re celebrating a special event (birthday, anniversary, wedding, first visit, etc.) you can go to Town Hall on Main Street in Disneyland and tell them. They will give you a special button to wear, and that may bring you some extra attention or freebies from Cast Members. (Again, no guarantees, but it may happen.)

Note that the life event you are celebrating does not actually need to happen while you’re in the park, or even within any particular time frame. You can celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other milestone any time, whether it’s that same day or 6 months ago, as far as Disney is concerned. They even have blank buttons where they can write in a milestone they don’t already have a premade button for. So celebrate away!

Special Occasion Cakes

Prices listed below are subject to change at any time.

You can arrange for small non-personalized decorated Mickey Mouse cakes (serves 4-6 people) to be served after your meal at select at select table-service Disneyland Resort hotel and theme park restaurants.

If you book your dining reservation online at least 3 days in advance, you can add a cake to your reservation. Or, you can order a cake in advance in person at the restaurant host’s podium or the Concierge Desk at a Disney Resort Hotel. Same day requests must be made in person when you check in to the restaurant. The cost per cake is $45 plus tax and tip.

Special Surprises: Gift Baskets and More

If you are staying at one of the official Disney hotels, Disney Floral & Gifts can arrange for gift baskets, cookies and milk, balloons and other treats to be delivered to your room. The prices are pretty high, but what a fun surprise!

More Romantic Ideas

Want more romantic ideas for a Disneyland vacation? Check out MouseSavers’ ideas for great places to propose, romantic places to eat and fun things for couples to do.


A single stroller rental costs $15 per day, a double stroller rental costs $35 per day. Strollers can be rented just outside the entrance to Disneyland, on the right as you face the front gates, near the Kennel. You can keep the stroller as you hop between California Adventure and Disneyland, but the strollers can’t be taken past the security barrier into Downtown Disney. If someone walks off with your stroller you can return to the rental center and show your receipt to get a replacement.

There is a prepayment option that offers no discount but saves some time. You just pay in advance for all the days you will need a stroller. Then on the second and subsequent days you can just go straight to the stroller pickup area, show your receipt and take your stroller(s), thus avoiding the line for payment. Thanks to Shawn P for info.

Bring/Buy Your Own Stroller

Bringing your own stroller will ensure that you have the stroller available all the time, such as when you’re going to and from your hotel. (Bear in mind that you will usually have to take your child out of the stroller and collapse the stroller while on trams.) Please note: it’s a good idea to check the stroller size restrictions in the Disneyland Resort Rules to make sure your stroller will be allowed inside the parks.

Another consideration in bringing your own stroller is the hassles of getting it to Disneyland, particularly if you are flying. (You can “gate check” a stroller, which saves some of the work – just bring your stroller right to the gate at the airport. It will be tagged and put into the cargo hold from the gate.)

If you want to avoid the hassle of transporting a stroller on a plane, you might consider buying a cheap one upon arrival and giving it to another lucky family or a charity when you leave.

Or buy a stroller in advance and have it shipped directly to your hotel. This has the advantage of saving you money AND being less of a hassle (since you won’t have to transport it to Disney yourself). At the end of your trip, either give the stroller to someone or put it back in the shipping box and have the hotel ship it home for you. To ship it to your hotel, it should be addressed as follows:

Hold for guest: (write the full name under which you made the reservation)

Check in date: (insert date)

Hotel’s name and address (which will appear on your confirmation form)

Most people who bring their own stroller recommend a cheap umbrella-style one. They are lighter, making them easier to get on and off trams, and you won’t worry as much about the possibility of the stroller being stolen. (It’s not unheard-of for strollers to go missing in the parks, so it’s a good idea to put something personal on yours. At minimum, write your last name on it using a permanent marker.)

Wheelchair/ECV Rental

Disney charges $12 (plus a $20 deposit) for manual wheelchair rental. There is one central location for renting wheelchairs, outside the entrance of Disneyland next to the Kennel Club. There is no wheelchair rental available in the Downtown Disney District, and the wheelchairs you rent from Disney cannot be taken into Downtown Disney.

If you need to use an “electric convenience vehicle” (ECV) to get around the Disneyland Resort, be aware that the rental is quite expensive (currently $50 per day plus a $20 deposit). There is one central location for renting ECVs, outside the entrance of Disneyland next to the Kennel Club. There is no ECV rental available in the Downtown Disney District, and the ECVs you rent from Disney cannot be taken into Downtown Disney.

In general it’s usually a better deal to rent an ECV from an outside firm. Not only is it less expensive, it also guarantees that you’ll have the ECV available all the time. For more info for those with disabilities who are planning a trip to Disneyland, including suppliers of rental ECVs, we list several resources in our Disneyland FAQ.