Disneyland Ticket Prices Have Increased

Disneyland raised their ticket prices on May 18, 2014.

Here’s a table of the dates that the price increased at the two parks.

Historical price increase dates:

  Walt Disney World Disneyland
Aug 2
Aug 2
Aug 5
Aug 5
Jun 12
Jun 12
Jun 3
May 20
2013 Jun 2 Jun 2
2014 Feb 23 May 18

For a short period of time, you may find the discounts listed below still available at the old prices, but the price will go up very soon.

There are several good options for Disneyland ticket discounts:

  • Right now aRes, a reliable ticket broker we’ve been recommending for years, has discounts on the 2-day through 5-day tickets.
  • Other discounts are available for California residents and members of certain organizations, etc. Click here to see all the Disneyland ticket discounts.