Disney’s Magical Express & Resort Airline Check-in

Please Note: Magical Express is being discontinued as of January 1, 2022. Magical Express will continue running through December 31, 2021, but because of current health and safety measures, the separate luggage service is temporarily paused. All guests need to collect their own bags and bring them to the Magical Express bus counter, where it will be loaded on the bus they take to Walt Disney World. Resort Airline Check-in is also paused, and it is not known if it will come back once Magical Express goes away. Text that describes features & advice that are no longer applicable during this pause is colored gray below.

Until the end of 2021, Walt Disney World Resort offers a FREE airport shuttle service called Disney’s Magical Express that includes a complimentary airport shuttle bus to and from the Disney resorts*, and luggage delivery from your home airport directly to your Disney resort hotel room (as long as you arrive between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm).

Additionally, all Disney resort* hotel guests can use a FREE service that is technically separate from Magical Express: Resort Airline Check-in, which allows you to get your return boarding pass and check in your luggage right at your Disney hotel, for selected airlines.

Disney’s Magical Express Service

*Disney’s Magical Express is available only to guests staying at the official hotels owned and operated by Disney. Magical Express is NOT available to guests of the Swan and Dolphin hotels, the seven Disney Springs resort area hotels, the Four Seasons Orlando and Shades of Green.

Guests must be 16 or older to travel unaccompanied on Disney’s Magical Express.

If you will be arriving in Orlando from outside the US and clearing Customs in Orlando, be aware that you will have to collect your own bags and walk through Customs with them. At that point you can take the luggage with you and check in for the Magical Express bus, or you can hand off the luggage to a Magical Express rep who will have it transported to the hotel.

If you decide to use the Magical Express service, here’s what we advise:

Pros and Cons

The obvious advantages of Disney’s Magical Express are its supposed convenience, seamlessness and the fact that it is FREE (except for tips).

However, you should be aware that it is shared bus service, with Magical Express buses each visiting up to 4 resorts to drop off passengers, and therefore your transfer will almost certainly take longer than using a rental car or towncar service. (90 minutes from the time your plane lands is a good rule of thumb. We have personally experienced it taking a long as 2 hours.) Depending on how much you value your precious vacation time vs. the cost savings, Magical Express may or may not be for you.

(Luggage Service Temporarily Paused) Be prepared to be separated from your luggage for some time after you arrive. See above. Your bags may be delivered at an inconvenient time — for instance, if you arrive in the late afternoon, be aware that your luggage might show up at 10:00 at night. If you have kids who go to sleep early, take this into account.

Also, Magical Express is not flexible, particularly when you’re returning to the airport. Disney will assign your return time based on your flight departure time, and it’s non-negotiable. If you do want an earlier time, you can give them a different flight number instead of your actual flight. Just go to an online search engine and find a flight that leaves earlier. Call Magical Express to tell them that you’ve switched to a new departing flight; they have no way to verify your actual flight information. You can do the same trick to take Magical Express later, but we don’t recommend doing so. If they get you there “on time” for your fictitious later flight and you miss your actual flight, Disney is not going to be very sympathetic and is not going to help you out with getting on a new flight.

Resort Airline Check-in Service (Temporarily Paused)

*Resort Airline Check-in Service is available only to guests staying at the official hotels owned and operated by Disney. Resort Airline Check-in is NOT available at the Swan and Dolphin hotels, the seven Disney Springs resort area hotels, the Four Seasons Orlando and Shades of Green.