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You may think your question is new, but there’s a good likelihood someone else has asked it. Be sure to check out the extensive Disney Frequently Asked Questions pages listed below!

Disney Frequently Asked Questions About Specific Topics

Frequently Asked Questions About the Site in General

How can I access from my smartphone or tablet?

Accessing on a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet makes it convenient to look up tips and tricks, check on dining discounts, see what events are happening during your vacation, and lots more. This site works perfectly on any device that allows you to access the Internet. Just fire up your Web browser and navigate to!

If you’d like to have a MouseSavers icon on your phone or tablet that will take you directly to the site, here’s how:

iPhone or iPad

  1. Open Safari and navigate to
  2. Select the “share” icon – the symbol at the bottom center of the screen that looks like a rectangle with an arrow sticking out of it: 
  3. The sharing options will pop up. Select the icon in the bottom row of sharing options labeled Add to Home Screen, which looks like a big gray square with a white plus on it: 

That’s it! An icon with a red M on a yellow background will appear on your iPhone or iPad. If you touch the icon, the site will launch instantly.


  1. Navigate to on your phone or tablet’s default browser.
  2. Bookmark the page.
  3. Go to your home screen and do a “long hold” on an empty space to bring up the menu.
  4. Select shortcut.
  5. Select bookmark.
  6. Pick the MouseSavers bookmark.

How can I contact Disney with a comment or complaint?

We don’t work for Disney, so please don’t send your complaints to us — it’s just a waste of your time. You can make your feelings known to Disney using the following contact information:

How can I support your site?

Next time you’re shopping for anything Disney online, please consider using a link on (there’s a shopping mall on the site). Some of the shopping links (as well as links to rental car companies, hotel chains, online travel agencies, etc.) are “referral links” aka “affiliate links.” When you use one and buy something, we get a small commission from the linked site for referring you. That’s how we keep going financially.

Read a full disclosure of our marketing policies.

I can see a deal or offer on your site, but there is no link to select on, or the link doesn’t work.

When you visit, are some links not showing up in the text? Are words missing from sentences? Or do links just seem to go nowhere?

The reason is typically that something is blocking a link that would normally appear as a highlighted word or phrase. That’s bad for you because you’re not seeing our site the way we designed it. Also, it may be hard to read the text, because words will be missing. Most importantly, you’re missing out on some great deals, because you can’t use the link to get to the offer.

It’s also bad for the future of Most of the time, the blocked links are “referral links.” When you select one and buy something, we get a very small commission from the linked site for referring you. That’s how we keep our site going financially.

This problem with blocked links is not specific to our site, by the way. If you have the problem on this site, you’ll have the same problem on many sites.

You might have problems with some of the sites we link to if you’re using an older or outdated browser version that hasn’t been updated. Newer sites, especially ones using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) have gotten very picky about which browsers they will work with, because older browsers have, in some cases, insecure implementations of SSL technology, and they don’t want to give you the impression that your connection is secure when it theoretically is not. Even if you think your browser isn’t that old, if you aren’t regularly applying updates (or you’re working with an OS that is no longer being updated), you may find that some sites just won’t work properly.

Here are some solutions:

  1. First, try a different browser or different device, if at all possible. If you’re using a built-in browser that came with your computer (Safari or Internet Explorer, usually), you might try installing the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox, both of which are completely FREE. If you have an iPad or smartphone, you might try them to see if the links work properly. These days, Chrome is often the most-supported browser, but not always. If you’re already using Chrome, you might try Firefox, or try Internet Explorer or Edge if you’re using Windows, or Safari on Macintosh.
  2. If you’re using pop-up and/or banner ad blockers, you might try disabling them and seeing if things start working better. Even though we have NO pop-up ads or banner ads on MouseSavers, this kind of software sometimes also blocks referral links. Even if you don’t think you’re using an ad blocker, it might have come with your anti-virus or anti-malware suite. See if there’s a way to add to the “trusted site” list in your security software, or temporarily disable just the ad blocking feature to see whether it’s causing the issues.
  3. Various forms of spyware and/or adware can overwrite links and redirect them to new locations, typically spammy sites with tons of ads, and/or sites that try to install malware on your computer. Even if you normally run security software, it’s a good idea to run a scan from a different program once in a while, as sometimes a piece of malware can hide from one program, but will get caught by a different one. We like MalwareBytes, which has a FREE version that can do a manual scan at no charge. If you leave the free version installed, it will eventually start asking you to buy the paid version, so we usually install the latest version, update its database of malware, run a full scan, then uninstall it. If you do want a third-party virus scanner, the paid version is a good option.

Are these deals for real? Where do you get them?

Yes, the deals are for real. Check out the Testimonials page to read just a few of the thousands of emails we’ve received from real people who have saved real money! has also been mentioned as a major source of Disney discounts in many publications, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, USA Today, FamilyFun magazine, Southern Living magazine, Orlando Sentinel and Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. See a full list of press and guidebook mentions.

The Walt Disney World discounts come directly from Disney marketing materials, communications with travel agencies, etc.

Preferred hotel deals at Walt Disney World are a result of direct negotiations we’ve conducted with the hotels.

Many of the merchandise deals on MouseSavers are exclusive offers we have negotiated with the merchant, and are not available anywhere else.

Why don’t you offer information for Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland?

Actually, we do have that information here on You probably just overlooked the link titled “Other Disney Vacations.” Check it out!

I have a disability or health issue and may need special accommodations. How can I get more information?

Here are some resources for anyone with a disability or special need who plans to visit one of the Disney theme parks:

  1. Disney’s official information (in English) for Walt Disney World, Disneyland (California), Disneyland ParisTokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort.
  2. DIS Boards disAbilities discussion forum has several permanent discussion threads with general advice and tips about visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland (California), as well as more specific discussions that come up as members post questions. Check their DIS Board Tips & Tricks FAQ for help with navigating and using their discussion boards. They also have some general planning information.

Must I live in the US to use the discounts listed on

In general, no. Although we live in the US and gather the information here, almost all of the Disney travel discounts on are available to anyone, regardless of nationality. People from around the world visit this site and use the information provided.

The travel agency we recommend, Small World Vacations, gladly works with clients around the globe, although the agents speak only English. They have worked with many readers from the UK, Canada and Australia, as well as other countries.

Some companies we mention on this site may not ship outside the US, or may not offer special deals outside the US. A few only allow those with a US address to sign up for their programs.

Prices are given in US dollars, unless otherwise noted. Be aware that we use the American format when abbreviating dates: for example, 3/4/06 indicates March 4, 2006.

Does Disney ever offer special discounts for Canadians?

Not often, but occasionally. In the past, when the exchange rate was much less favorable for Canadians, Disney occasionally offered “at par” specials on vacation packages, hotel rooms and tickets, for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, particularly in the off-season, but those haven’t shown up for several years.

You can visit Walt Disney World’s Canadian website or Disneyland’s Canadian website and select the Special Offers tab to see any current deals specific to Canadians, but 99% of the time the offers are the same as those distributed in the US. Sometimes the Canadian offer will have a different discount code, but otherwise it will be identical to the US offer. Occasionally we find that the Canadian version of a Disney discount offer will have a different expiration date or will cover more stay dates. When we notice this, we’ll put a note about it in the Canadian deals section of the page in question.

Canadians can book the US offers. The Disney specialist travel agency we recommend, Small World Vacations, gladly works with clients around the globe. They have many clients from Canada.

Does Disney ever offer special discounts for visitors from the UK and Ireland?

Yes. Disney sometimes offers special deals for visitors from the UK and Ireland on holiday packages, hotel rooms and tickets for Walt Disney World. See more information on Walt Disney World offers for visitors from the UK and Ireland.

In addition, UK residents can book the US offers. The Disney specialist travel agency we recommend, Small World Vacations, gladly works with clients around the globe. They have many clients from the UK and Ireland. Unfortunately they cannot book UK-specific offers, but sometimes the American offers are a better deal. It’s also worth noting that the US vacation package offers have much more advantageous cancellation and change policies than the UK holiday package offers.