Photos From Hong Kong Disneyland, February 2008

Entrance plaza for Hong Kong Disneyland.Fountain in Hong Kong Disneyland entrance plaza.
Some of the many column-shaped topiaries covered with tangerines/mandarins, which are Chinese New Year decorations.Mickey looks a little odd, no?
A kiosk selling roasted chestnuts for Chinese New Year.Tomorrowland looks pretty much like the US parks, just a lot smaller.
Starliner Diner in TomorrowlandBuzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.
UFO Zone water play area in Tomorrowland.Loading area for Space Mountain.
Cinderella Carousel in Fantasyland.“it’s a small world” was under construction when we visited. It has since opened.
Fantasy Gardens is unique to Hong Kong Disneyland. It offers multiple pavilions where you can meet and be photographed with the characters.The landscaping in Fantasy Gardens is amazing, with lots of topiaries.
Here you get some idea of the size of Fantasy Gardens, which takes up a lot of real estate in the park.Details like bridges, topiaries and fantastical light fixtures make Fantasy Gardens really attractive.
One of the Fantasy Gardens pavilions.We posed with Chip and Dale in their Chinese New Year finery.
The Fantasyland train station.Interesting fast food options include Curry Fish Balls, Cup of Sweet Corn and Stir-Fried Squid Tentacles.
The Curry Fish Balls snack was actually pretty tasty.This open air play area in Adventureland offered various drums and other instruments to play with.
The Liki Tikis water play area in Adventureland. Yes, the tikis really look that phallic in person!Rope bridge to Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland.
Tarzan’s Treehouse.View from the Jungle River Cruise.
The Jungle River Cruise is much more elaborate than the Jungle Cruise in the US parks, and there is no humorous narration.Animatronic critters on the Jungle River Cruise.
The fire effects on the Jungle River Cruise are impressive.Despite the Western name, the Plaza Inn could not be more Chinese in decor or in the food served!

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