Pirate Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Artist rendering of Pirate Room at Caribbean Beach ResortHave you ever dreamed of sailing the seven seas or searching for buried treasure? Would you like to drift off at night in a pirate-ship bed, dreaming of far-away lands? There’s an option at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort that may be your dream come true!

In the Trinidad South village, 384 rooms are Pirate Rooms. These special rooms feature two double beds, along with highly themed furniture, buccaneer accessories, and swashbuckling d├ęcor from stem to stern. They are sure to immerse your vacation in the spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean.

These unique rooms are a separate room category at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and there is an additional cost per night.

Due to the unique design of the beds, the mattresses are very thin (about 4″-5″ thick) and many people have complained that they are too hard. If you are at all particular about your bedding, we do not recommend choosing this room type.

Be aware that these rooms are among the furthest from the main services (pool, restaurants, etc.) at the resort.

Thanks to Small World Vacations for info.