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Since its founding in 2001, has been recommended by hundreds of major media outlets, including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, BBC and many others. See the list below for press mentions and some quotes about the site, which has been praised by the likes of Arthur Frommer, probably the most famous budget travel writer in the world.

Sarah Stone and Don Munsil, webmasters of, are available for interviews as experts on Disney discounts. You can contact them at:   (You’ll have to type the address into your email – the graphic is not clickable in order to deter spammers.)

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“In general, the experts at recommend avoiding Disney around Christmas and other major holidays, early spring, and mid-summer.”

“(…researching hotel prices.) That included hitting up the ever-helpful to check for any available discounts.”

“…Mousesavers has a good, thorough list of discounts…” (on park tickets)

“Every minute earlier you arrive represents maybe 40 or 50 fewer people ahead of you… There’s always someone more hardcore than you.”

“And trust me, the deals do not disappoint.”


“Every savings opportunity counts, and MouseSavers is the place to score the sweetest deals.”

“There’s no shortage of blogs, forums, and fan sites dedicated to the wide world of Disney. But few are bigger, more reputable or more reliable than”



“ shares that during peak times, not only are hotels and tickets more expensive, but Disney even raises its food prices.”


“Heading to a theme park? Do what I do: Go to to find updated lists of deals and discounts for Disney and other theme parks. They do a great job of keeping this site updated.”

“If you need help keeping on top of all the deals, the travel blog keeps a log of past discounts for Disney World vacations to help you estimate when future deals will be released. Plus, it offers a step-by-step guide for planning your Disney vacation.”

“Sign up for the newsletter at for the most up-to-date Disney deals and discounts.”


“ always has the latest intel on discounts.”

“…there are ways to save on everything from accommodations to food. We recommend checking out sites like…”


“…lists codes and coupons for scoring little-known deals…”

“Another great way to learn about Disney specials is, a website that’s been highlighting Disney discounts and special offers since 2001.”

“ is one of the most comprehensive online resources of regularly updated tips on how to save money on all things Disney…”


“This is the must-bookmark site if you’re planning a trip to a Disney park or on a Disney cruise. It has thousands of great tips on how to save money and time.”

“Planning to do Disney? Believe it or not, there are ways to save if you know the insider info. Check out Mousesavers ( for a collection of the best deals on all things Disney. In addition to tips on how to get the best price on tickets, dining and special Disney experiences, discover where to book to get the best rates on hotels, what you can expect on Disney cruises, even what’s planned for upcoming park, resort and ship improvements.

Current discounts and promotions are highlighted on the front page and updated regularly — from how to get the most out of a Disney Visa card discount program to coupon codes and special offers that would otherwise be tough to ferret out. You’ll find up-to-date info about shows, freebies and tips to make the most of your trip, including how to spend less time in line and more time enjoying your trip.”

“Waring’s site has evolved into, a clearinghouse for scrimping Mouseheads… Without assistance from Disney, she finds and posts more than 300 pages’ worth of coupon codes and money-saving ideas…”

“The unofficial has great advice on where to find deals along with tips about saving money. It’s also an excellent resource for planning your visit.”


“…before heading to Disneyland, she subscribed to the MouseSavers newsletter, which gave her tips on advance tickets, shows going on in the park, ride closures, current deals inside the park’s restaurants and special rates.”

Story includes interview footage of Mary Waring, founder of, giving top tips for saving at Walt Disney World.

“For the last word on Disney discounts, we heartily recommend a visit to – the best resource on the Internet for saving on your vacation costs.”


“I do the research for you. You shouldn’t have to. Our team tracks down the deals that Disney doesn’t advertise and we know which hotels have the best prices and what time of year will give you the most value for your money,” Waring told WBTV.

“In order to make your search easier, impartially recommends This website is well organized and kept up to date with current information. It has very thorough tips from how to get discounts at all of the theme parks, to the best theme park restaurants to eat to get the most out of your Disney dining plan, and much more.”

“For a roundup of ‘advice, tips and tricks’ for buying Walt Disney World tickets and passes, check out”


“…WalletPop’s choice for the best Disney savings site…”

“…a great place to look for deals, bargains and discounts on Disney travel, tickets, merchandise and more…. it’s independent and a valuable source of information on how to save on all things Disney…. I don’t know these people personally, but I used to cover Anaheim as a reporter. And I can vouch for the accuracy of the information I’ve perused.”

“The unofficial has great advice on where to find deals along with tips about saving money. It’s also an excellent resource for planning your visit.”

“From budget-friendly transportation to inexpensive dining choices, this website is a must.”

“Tons of money-saving tips for all things Disney, including how to get the lowest price on park admission at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, discounts on hotels and Disney Cruises, special deals on shows like Disney on Ice, and more.”


“Any website that contains tons of great information, is run by one woman, and gets a lot of visitors (1 million a month) is a site that gets my attention. Now throw in the name Disney, and like magic you have a website that holds the keys to ‘the happiest place on earth!’ (not associated in any way with the Disney organization) is a really exhaustive collection of tips, tricks and secrets for how to get discounts on every aspect of a trip to Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Resorts… in short, all things Disney.”

“… we took the recommendation from the Mousesavers website ( and got a sensational price that was considerably lower than the hotel’s published website rate.”

“…compiles one of the best lists around for reputable deals-at Disney and elsewhere.”

“If you want the inside scoop and special deals for Disneyland and Disney World, this is the site. Sign up for the newsletter to be alerted to breaking deals.”

“…a website that vets official Disney offers and handily tackles other practicalities, like giving you discount codes for rental cars.”


“Disney fans looking for bargains gravitate here for discount codes and coupons on everything from theme-park admissions to Mary Poppins Broadway tickets, plus tips and tricks to making the most of a visit to Orlando or Anaheim.”

“Subscribe to the Mousesavers newsletter, the first place to look for money-saving tips, including discount codes for resorts.”

See an extensive interview with Mary Waring of about many ways to save at Disney World.

“Going to Disney World or Disneyland? The iconic family destinations are never cheap, but Mouse Savers can take some of the sting out by providing everything from resort reservation deals, discount codes for car rentals, and tips to stretch your dining dollar.”


“…brim[s] with tried-and-tested money-saving advice and frequently offer[s] discounts to select Disney properties.”

“…compiles all sorts of helpful tips, news about discounts and deals, and a basic rundown of choices at Disney, along with links to other helpful Web sites and a list of frequently asked questions.”

“My favorite for planning:”


“One of the best sources for Disney discount information… I never go to Orlando without checking this website first as it usually has information on most of the current deals that Disney and its surrounding hotels are running. It also gives tips on how to avoid scams in Orlando.”

“Start with the insiders at Mousesavers ( for some frank advice on how to save dollars (and not the ones with Mickey’s face on them). They provide a number of clever tips to make the most of your Disney adventures and deals.”

“Anyone considering a Disney vacation should visit Mousesavers ( first. The website’s developer and frequent Disney-goer, Mary Waring, is a consumer advocate who is passionate about her theme parks and helping people get the best Disney bang for their buck.”

“If you plan to take your children or grandchildren to Disneyworld (Florida) or Disneyland (California), then be sure to visit the MouseSavers website. It offers great discounts on all things Disney and, although it’s aimed at US residents, many of the deals apply to us Brits, too.”

“…the best money saving website is not run by Disney: It’s called ‘’ Mouse Savers offers hundreds of deals and secret discount codes.”

“…here’s a Web site that may help you save big bucks on your next trip to the happiest place on Earth.”

“As usual, we recommend checking out the insider, tip-friendly site Mousesavers ( for updates on park information, an unbiased look at the Magic Kingdoms, and useful insights about accommodations, getting around, and eating out without losing all your money. The site also posts various discounts and special codes that can help while booking at Disney’s resort hotels.”

“…ought to be a required read for anyone planning a trip to any Disney resort.”

Emmy-winning consumer reporter John Matarese says “lists great discounts and promotional specials to Disney World hotels and attractions.”


“For hotel steals and other deals… a great site that offers insider tips and specials to Disney World.”

“…lists hundreds of ways to save on Disney admissions, meals, and package deals at Disney resorts and cruise ships around the world.”

“…a fantastic insider source for Disney-related codes and discounts and other tips…. perfect for people who have the time, patience, and inclination to cobble together the most inexpensive, tip-laden deal possible.”

“For advice on how to save money on every aspect of your vacation, especially lodging, check out”


“…easy-to-read, regularly updated compendium of coupons and other tips on saving money at Disneyland and Disney World.”

“You’ll find every discount code and price break known to exist.”

“This mom-and-pop collection of coupon codes, special offers and online promotions covers all things Disney, from parks to cruises to merchandise…. There’s helpful content here too.”

“…a treasure trove of Disney discount coupons, hotel package deals and advice on navigating the parks.”

“…devotes itself to ferreting out each and every money-saving tip out there…”

“For first-timers planning a Disney trip, the tips at ( can help make the process less daunting, and less brutal to the wallet.”


“Disney magic ain’t cheap, though. Enter Mary Waring, creator of ( and probably the world’s greatest expert on saving money at the Disney theme parks. Waring’s vast, continually-updated site is a treasure trove of money-saving information…”

“Coupon clippers, budget travelers and anyone wanting to squeeze a few extra dollars of savings out of their Disney vacation should first check out Mouse Savers (, where siteowner and Disney habitué Mary Waring posts a plethora of tips and current deals to Disney properties and the Orlando area. Be sure to sign up for her free monthly newsletter.”

“…always check the private Web site to learn if Disney is offering an advantageous hotel-and-admission-ticket package for the dates of your stay.”

Travel guru Arthur Frommer lists among 15 useful sites for finding hotel savings, in his nationally-syndicated column.

“If you’re planning a trip to Disney… on either coast, is chock full of the latest deals.”

Arthur Frommer’s “Budget Travel” column calls a “discount gold mine.”

Emmy-winning consumer reporter John Matarese calls his “personal favorite” for Disney/Orlando savings and says the site is “is loaded with free tips and secrets.”

Arthur Frommer’s “Budget Travel” column refers to as “the single best independent source for all things Disney, including hundreds of hints and tips on saving money during a Disney vacation.”

2002 is listed among “124 best money-saving web sites for travel.” is cited as “best” site for “analyzing Disney World ticketing and suggesting ways to save a few dollars.”

Mary Waring is cited as an expert on Walt Disney World packages and room-only resort discount codes.

“…chock-full of money saving tips for your next Disney vacation.”

“We’re enchanted by avid Disneyphile Mary Waring’s, which offers park-goers tips on smart budgeting in Orlando.”

Pauline Frommer’s “Budget Travel” column mentions as a good place to look for hotel discounts at Walt Disney World.

Arthur Frommer, author of the classic Europe on $5 a Day and probably the most famous budget travel writer in the world, calls “one of the best resources for significant Disney discounts” in his syndicated column. is recommended as a “reader favorite” in this Disney publication.