Walt Disney World Restaurant Review – Fulton’s Crab House


Please note: Fulton’s Crab House is now Paddlefish. The review below is just for amusement purposes.

We fully intended to revisit the Wolfgang Puck Express for one of our lunches on this trip, to see if our last semi-disastrous outing some time ago was an aberration. We really did. But on the way I spied the facade of Fulton’s Crab House and we got to talking about a particularly good lunch we had enjoyed, with some cold crustacean-y goodness, and one thing lead to another and soon we were inside in the wood panelled coolness enjoying a crisp refreshing beer, and perusing the menu.

As a nice counterpoint to the previous evening’s want-to-be-anywhere-else-but-here waiters, at today’s lunch we had a gal, no a ‘Gal’ with a load of hustle and a patter which was delivered with a wink and a smile at warp speed. She talked us into sharing a seafood trio platter and also splitting a salad, which was the perfect quantity for us, and gentle on both the waistline and the wallet. Normally I think of Fulton’s as a little overpriced, and it can be, if you choose the rock crab claws or something similar.

The seafood trio consisted of three Bluepoint oysters, four king crab legs and around a dozen boiled shrimp. Ostensibly, this is a dish for one, though it seems a little robust for that. Still, since every thing on the platter is either raw or boiled, and it’s seafood, it’s moderately healthy. The oysters were excellent and all mine since Mary can’t eat them. The crab’s flavor and texture were quite good, and the shrimp, although ever-so-slightly overcooked, still delivered.

In addition to the seafood trio we also split a Cobb salad with Ahi tuna, which was not spectacular but still very tasty. I remember from our last dinner here that the bread served with the meals was pretty darn good. Alas, bread doesn’t seem to be served with lunch. Oh, well, probably better to skip the bread when one can, since it’s not going to help one fit into one’s swimsuit.

This was our third or fourth time eating at Fulton’s over the years. Every time we’ve to this restaurant we seem to have been seated in a different room. At this point we’re not even sure how many different rooms there are on board the sternwheeler. I guess we’re going to have to keep dining here till we’ve discovered every room there is.