Walt Disney World Restaurant Review – The Wave


We had breakfast here, twice, and it was fairly good. They have press pot coffee, or French press coffee, whatever you want to call it. The Wave’s press pot coffee was not as good as the stuff at the Kona CafĂ© at the Polynesian, but that’s probably due to the fact that they’re not actually using Kona coffee. The Wave is using shade-grown, certified organic, and bird-friendly Colombian coffee. No, I don’t know what bird-friendly coffee is either. According to the menu this medium-bodied coffee has a sweet caramel start with lasting chocolate notes, but since that’s a little over my head I will settle for saying it was tasty. And better than Sanka.

The first morning, Mary had the multigrain waffles with strawberry compote, and pronounced them good. They came with bacon that was not good. The Wave really needs to upgrade the pork supplier, because my pork breakfast sausages were nothing to write home about either. Actually isn’t that phrase becoming dated? Much like most of my life? I think I’ll coin the phrase “Nothing to email Mom about” and trademark it.

My sweet potato pancakes were better than they had any right to be. I wasn’t that big a fan of the pecan butter, but there was some regular butter served also. With some ample syrupy goodness, I was pretty happy.

All in all, it was a pretty good breakfast if you’re able to survive without any breakfast pork products, which I have to admit, coming from a middle American upbringing, is difficult.

The second morning, I decided on the egg scramble with feta, tomato and spinach. When I ordered, the waiter commented that it was his favourite, so Mary, ever ready to jump on a bandwagon, (she married me after all), ordered it also. The portion size was ginormous. Enough to feed three or four people, if three or four people ate normal size portions for breakfast. Neither one of us got even halfway through the eggs.

When he came to clear the plates, the waiter was obviously distraught that his recommendation had been so poorly received. We protested that, on the contrary, we loved it, but it was just too much food. Not listening to us, the waiter took both breakfast entrees off the bill, leaving us to pay basically for one pot of French press bird-friendly coffee and a glass of grapefruit juice. I’m not complaining, but you know sometimes, it’s not that the food is unpleasant – it’s a watchful eye on one’s waistline that is the determining factor.