Walt Disney World Discounts and Deals

There are literally thousands of ways to get Disney World discounts, but Disney isn’t giving away the secrets of those savings! You definitely have to know where to look if you want to get a discount.

For instance, most people traveling to Disney World buy a vacation package, believing they are getting the best deal available. Often this is not the case. Others know that it may be cheaper to book everything separately, but believe that there are few or no discounts available on Disney resort hotels. Even the major guidebooks and Disney’s own reservation department tend to reinforce these beliefs.

The fact is, there are lots of ways to get discounts at Walt Disney World on the resort hotels and vacation packages. You can also save substantial money on admission passes, meals, extra entertainment offerings, airfare, rental cars and more. Spend some time exploring this site, and you may be amazed at how many Disney World bargains and deals are floating around. Read a few of the testimonials from other MouseSavers.com readers and you’ll discover that some people have saved over a thousand dollars!

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How to Get Started

Here you’ll find a step-by step guide to planning a Walt Disney World vacation. If you’ve never been to Disney World before, this is the place to start.

Disney World Discounts on Resort Hotels

The easiest and most obvious way to get a Disney World Resort hotel discount is simply to book in the off-season. Disney has multiple “seasons” at its Walt Disney World resort hotels during each calendar year. Value Season is the least expensive and least crowded time, followed by Regular Season, Summer Season, Fall Season, Peak Season and Holiday Season. So the most basic way to save money on Disney’s resort hotels is simply to book in the off-season. (Learn more about the seasons and room rates.)

However, beyond seasonal Disney World hotel discounts, you may be able to save much more. Depending on availability and current promotions, it is sometimes possible to save as much as 40% off the full price “rack rates” at the Disney World resorts. The savings can add up to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Read about any current discounts and special codes that can help you save big money at Disney’s resort hotels. We list only resort discounts and codes that have been published in reliable public locations such as the Disney website. Any restrictions are clearly noted.

Disney World Vacation Packages

Vacation packages for Disney World are often a good value. Watch for off-season and other “special” Disney World package discounts, rather than the standard packages offered year-round, which cost the same as buying all the package components separately at (gulp) FULL PRICE!

A lot of people like Disney vacation packages because they are convenient and worry-free. Fortunately there are sometimes worthwhile promotions on Disney World vacation packages.

MouseSavers Preferred Hotels

There are some great deals available at non-Disney-owned hotels near Disney World. In this section we focus on the best of them, which we call the MouseSavers Preferred Hotels. We have negotiated special MouseSavers.com rates and collected specials and discounts on hotels that are reputable, convenient to the parks, and give you the most for your money. With insider knowledge and some planning, almost anyone can afford a very decent hotel in the Walt Disney World area.

Other Orlando-Area Hotels

Still haven’t found the perfect place to stay? On this page we provide even more ideas for getting a great deal on a hotel in the Orlando area, including special tips for military personnel and lots more.

Tickets & Passes

Walt Disney World admission is expensive, and discounted Disney World tickets and passes can be hard to find. Disney tries to convince the public that the only place you can buy legitimate Disney World tickets is through “official” Disney outlets. That’s actually not true. We’ve collected a number of alternatives that will allow you to get a discount on new, unused, valid Disney World tickets — no timeshare scams, no partially used tickets, nothing illegal or shady.

There is also advice about how to get the most value out of your tickets, as well as information on the regular ticket prices.

Meals, Snacks & Drinks

Food and drink at Walt Disney World can literally “eat up” a huge portion of your budget. There are some discounts available for the restaurants at the Disney parks and resorts and you can save money by knowing a few tips and tricks, eating off-site, and finding Disney World dining deals and coupons.

Activities: Water Parks, Tours, Boats, Golf and Lots More

This section covers discounts and special promotions for all kinds of Disney World activities, including tours, water parks, sports and driving experiences, boating, Splitsville, and more. If you want to experience some of the many “extras” beyond the park attractions, you should check out the link above.

Other Disney World Savings

Get great bargains and deals on all kinds of miscellaneous vacation-related items, including fun FREE and cheap things to do without going into the parks, plus ways to save on souvenirs, get stroller discounts and more!

Walt Disney World Special Events

Would you like to learn more about upcoming Walt Disney World special events and annual festivals in the theme parks, Disney resorts and Disney Springs? Check out this page for dozens of fun activities and experiences at Disney World.

Time is Money

We all know that a trip to Walt Disney World can be expensive, so maximizing your enjoyment of your vacation time is the smart thing to do! Who wants to spend the whole time standing in line or staking out that perfect spot for the parade? This section helps you plan a Disney World vacation more effectively, so that you truly enjoy your time there!

Walt Disney World FAQ

Get helpful answers to dozens of questions about Disney World, including the best times of year to go, how to pick the best tickets and get the best deals on Disney tickets, how to select the best Orlando accommodations, and lots more.