Regular Disneyland Ticket Prices

Ticket prices last went up February 28, 2016. Annual passport prices last went up October 4, 2015.

Listed below are the full Disneyland ticket and annual passport prices you will pay at the theme park ticket booths. Theme park tickets and annual passports are not subject to tax in California.

Substantial advance-purchase discounts are available on multi-day tickets. Click here to see a comprehensive list of discount sources for standard Disneyland tickets and passes.

With a 1-Park Per Day Ticket, you cannot visit both parks on the same day. If you buy a 2-Day or longer 1-Park Per Day Ticket, you can visit one park one day, and the other park another day. With a Park Hopper Ticket, you can visit both parks on the same day.

Price Tiers for 1-day Tickets

As of February 28, 2016, Disneyland has added price tiers for 1-day tickets, where tickets cost more on busier days. The three tiers are Value, Regular and Peak. Value dates are mostly weekdays (M-Th) in the off season. Peak dates are mostly holiday seasons including Christmas, Thanksgiving and spring break, plus midsummer weekends (F-Su). All other dates are Regular.

You can use a Regular ticket on Value days as well, and you can use a Peak ticket on any day, but you can’t get a refund of the difference in cost if you use, say, a Peak ticket on a Value date. You can upgrade a Value or Regular ticket if you decide to go on a higher-tier day, by paying the price difference at any ticket booth or Guest Services location.

Multi-day (2-day and longer) tickets do not have tiers, and you can use them on any day of the year.

Park Tickets

Annual Passports

To see all known discounts on Disneyland passes, click here.

All Disneyland Annual Passports give you admission to both parks. The options are:

12-Month Payment Program for California Residents

California residents can pay for an Annual Passport in 12 monthly installments. By selecting the payment option, guests will pay for the cost of a 1-Day, 1-Park ticket upon purchase and will pay the remaining amount over the next 12 months, with no finance charges applied. The Monthly Payment program for Annual Passports is offered only to California residents within the 90000-96199 zip codes. All Disneyland-only Annual Passport options are available through the program, including Premium, Deluxe, Southern California and Southern California Select Annual Passports, but not the Premier Passport.