2022 All-Star Sports Room Rates & Season Dates

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Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Room Rates for 2022

Date RangeSeasonStandard RoomPreferred Room
Jan 1New Years$241$254
Jan 2-Jan 5Value$123/$142/$177$153/$168/$186
Jan 6-Jan 8Special$186$205
Jan 9-Jan 13Value$123/$142/$177$153/$168/$186
Jan 14-Jan 16MLK Day$183$211
Jan 17-Feb 9Value$123/$142/$177$153/$168/$186
Feb 10-Feb 17Regular$168/$180/$219$194/$207/$230
Feb 18-Feb 19Presidents’ Day$247$272
Feb 20-Feb 27Spring$200/$213/$247$216/$229/$258
Feb 28-Mar 3Regular$168/$180/$219$194/$207/$230
Mar 4-Mar 26Spring$200/$213/$247$216/$229/$258
Mar 27-Apr 7Regular$168/$180/$219$194/$207/$230
Apr 8-Apr 21Easter$247$258
Apr 22-Apr 23Spring$200/$213/$247$216/$229/$258
Apr 24-May 21Regular 2$161/$176/$219$186/$203/$227
May 22Special$167$213
May 23-May 25Regular 2$161/$176/$219$186/$203/$227
May 26Special$185$193
May 27-May 29Special$235$254
May 30-Jun 13Summer$188/$224$209/$242
Jun 14Special$179$219
Jun 15-Jun 18Summer$188/$224$209/$242
Jun 19Special$196$202
Jun 20-Jun 27Summer$188/$224$209/$242
Jun 28Special$196$202
Jun 29-Jun 30Summer$188/$224$209/$242
Jul 1-Jul 3Special$235$254
Jul 4-Jul 31Summer$188/$224$209/$242
Aug 1Special$179$219
Aug 2-Aug 6Summer$188/$224$209/$242
Aug 7Summer 2$162/$175/$210$191/$203/$220
Aug 8Special$162$191
Aug 9-Aug 10Summer 2$162/$175/$210$191/$203/$220
Aug 11Special$166$213
Aug 12-Aug 14Summer 2$162/$175/$210$191/$203/$220
Aug 15Special$170$182
Aug 16-Aug 17Summer 2$162/$175/$210$191/$203/$220
Aug 18Special$175$203
Aug 19-Aug 20Summer 2$162/$175/$210$191/$203/$220
Aug 21-Aug 23Value 2$143/$158/$176$167/$178/$203
Aug 24Special$150$159
Aug 25-Sep 1Value 2$143/$158/$176$167/$178/$203
Sep 2-Sep 4Labor Day$194$225
Sep 5-Sep 6Value 2$143/$158/$176$167/$178/$203
Sep 7Special$136$175
Sep 8-Sep 10Value 2$143/$158/$176$167/$178/$203
Sep 11-Oct 6Fall$170/$179/$222$195/$208/$235
Oct 7-Oct 9Columbus Day$227$246
Oct 10-Oct 22Fall$170/$179/$222$195/$208/$235
Oct 23-Nov 2Fall 2$153/$166/$186$174/$190/$215
Nov 3-Nov 5Special$197$230
Nov 6-Nov 18Fall 2$153/$166/$186$174/$190/$215
Nov 19-Nov 25Thanksgiving$208$238
Nov 26-Dec 1Fall 2$153/$166/$186$174/$190/$215
Dec 2-Dec 8Winter$173/$200$199/$232
Dec 9-Dec 15Winter 2$208/$257$225/$268
Dec 16-Dec 25Holiday$255$284
Dec 26-Dec 31Holiday 2$264$294

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Notes

The room rates and season dates on this page were accurate at the time they were compiled. (Originally gathered in mid 2021.) Disney has been known to change rates and policies without notice, though it’s fairly unusual. The information on this page should be used as a general guide only.

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is a Value resort. Rates are per room, per night, based on two adults maximum per room. A charge of $15 per night plus tax applies for each additional adult (age 18+) in the room after the first two. There is no charge for children under 18. A single child under 3 in a crib does not count toward maximum occupancy.

Room Notes