2022 Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge Room Rates & Season Dates

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Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Room Rates for 2022

Date RangeSeasonDeluxe Studio1 Bedroom Villa2 Bedroom Villa
Jan 1New Years$712$1046$2038
Jan 2-Jan 5Value$439/$446/$468$757/$827$1256/$1370
Jan 6-Jan 8Special$537$827$1372
Jan 9-Jan 13Value$439/$446/$468$757/$827$1256/$1370
Jan 14-Jan 16MLK Day$528$909$1508
Jan 17-Feb 9Value$439/$446/$468$757/$827$1256/$1370
Feb 10-Feb 17Regular$555/$568/$606$894/$974$1637/$1778
Feb 18-Feb 26Spring$645/$658/$700$1082/$1188$1961/$2156
Feb 27-Mar 3Regular$555/$568/$606$894/$974$1637/$1778
Mar 4-Mar 24Spring$645/$658/$700$1082/$1188$1961/$2156
Mar 25-Apr 2Regular$555/$568/$606$894/$974$1637/$1778
Apr 3-Apr 9Spring$645/$658/$700$1082/$1188$1961/$2156
Apr 10-Apr 21Easter$700$1217$2211
Apr 22-May 26Regular 2$537/$549/$592$892/$976$1642/$1801
May 27-May 29Memorial Day$614$976$1801
May 30-Jun 30Summer$524/$525$786/$790$1487/$1490
Jul 1-Jul 3Independence Day$552$829$1564
Jul 4-Aug 18Summer 2$474/$474$755/$760$1212/$1217
Aug 19-Sep 1Value 2$441/$477$754/$829$1251/$1375
Sep 2-Sep 4Labor Day$532$914$1512
Sep 5-Sep 15Value 2$441/$477$754/$829$1251/$1375
Sep 16-Oct 6Fall$532/$547/$583$862/$970$1537/$1725
Oct 7-Oct 9Columbus Day$628$1041$1851
Oct 10-Oct 27Fall 2$540/$556/$596$899/$892/$1016$1590/$1578/$1797
Oct 28-Nov 2Halloween$572/$634$916/$997$1616/$1762
Nov 3-Nov 5Special$636$1016$1793
Nov 6-Nov 21Fall 2$540/$556/$596$899/$892/$1016$1590/$1578/$1797
Nov 22-Nov 25Thanksgiving$668$1017$1853
Nov 26-Dec 1Fall 2$540/$556/$596$899/$892/$1016$1590/$1578/$1797
Dec 2-Dec 8Winter$579/$597/$648$924/$919/$1045$1689/$1682/$1912
Dec 9-Dec 15Winter 2$695/$754$1112/$1243$2006/$2258
Dec 16-Dec 25Holiday$830$1112$2203
Dec 26-Dec 31Holiday 2$857$1146$2269

Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Notes

The room rates and season dates on this page were accurate at the time they were compiled. (Originally gathered in mid 2021.) Disney has been known to change rates and policies without notice, though it’s fairly unusual. The information on this page should be used as a general guide only.

Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a Deluxe Villa resort. Rates are per room, per night, with no additional charges for any number of guests up to the full occupancy limit. A single child under 3 in a crib does not count toward maximum occupancy.

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